About Us
To be globally recognized and a trusted solution provider in technology-enabled security and border management solutions
Value creation by providing technology solutions which enables our clients to gain their return of investment. It is our goal to be a market leader in Malaysia and also regional. To be technologically driven, focusing on Product performance and Customer Service
TassTech’s objective is  to be a leader of future-generation solutions provider specializing in Security and Border Management System.

We have strategically established partnership with SITA, a world leading specialist in the aviation industry. Together with SITA we offer industry recognition technology based security and border management system suite of products.

We have also established strategic partnership with globally renown IT technology providers. Together with them we offer unparalleled level of knowledge, experience and technology to assist our clients in implementing a comprehensive system solution and infrastructure that meets international standards.​

Our Principles
Conduct              -  Integrity and Ethics
Commitment     -  Value for customers
​Challenges         -  We focus on delivering                                               exceptional results. We strive                                   to understand our clients
  1. 2016
    Asia Pacific CSR Forum & Awards in Security Screening System
  2. 2017
    Global Leadership Awards in Border Security Screening
  3. 2016
    Global Brands in Security Screening System